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I’m Alta Christie, online Business System Strategist.  I help overwhelmed Moms to Simplify, Streamline and implement STRUCTURE into their online Business effectively with Steps, Strategies & a creating a System that works for YOU.  Taking control of your TIME, increasing revenue by steady Business growth, all while taking care of yourself optimally!


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Welcome to Bizmom Coaching!

I see you Moms!  I want to meet you right where you are because my passion is helping mom business owners just like you with the proven strategies to eliminate overwhelm, grow your business online steadily to create more time and money with more consistency, clarity and control.  

I WANT YOU TO HAVE A FLOURISHING BUSINESS ON YOUR OWN TERMS!  Structure provides control, focus and progress.

I have been where you might be right now – at a place of overwhelm, lack of control and not having enough time to focus on my business and my family effectively.  Frustration was an understatement.  Procrastination was unavoidable.  But I managed to create and implement these effective strategies to change all that by structuring my online business processes to grow my business faster. 

My experience allowed me to figure out the strategies to build and grow successful businesses from home and now I help other moms who feel stuck and overwhelmed in business and integrating family life, streamline and structure their online business too.

If you feel a burning desire in your heart to have more TIME, especially for your kids, but also want to make good money, have fun, live a life of abundance, passion, control, being empowered, inspired, having more freedom, making a real difference to yourself and others in the world and everything that is important to you in life, my strategies are for YOU!

I empower, help, coach, inspire and teach mom entrepreneurs to effectively, efficiently, but most importantly – easily grow their business in order to have more time at home, have more time for their kids, have more freedom and control and balance their lives.  Ultimately, to create their dream life and live life on their own terms.  

It is totally possible!

SET UP YOUR BUSINESS SO THAT IT WORKS FOR YOU MORE THAN WHAT YOU WORK FOR IT!  Wearing a badge of being ‘busy all the time’ has become overrated!  It is much nicer to be able to relax and have fun, work less and be happy guilt-free!  

With sixteen years of entrepreneurial business experience, research and growing multiple successful business models and being a mom for the past nine years (and counting…), I was able to construct effective strategies to empower moms to break free from working harder for longer and in turn, build their businesses and integrate their family lives, gain relief and look after themselves well too.

I offer four very exciting tiers of service where you have various options to finally SYSTEMIZE YOUR BUSINESS.  Want to know more?    



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SYSTEMIZE YOUR ENTIRE BUSINESS, more TIME and Revenue - all while Reclaiming your ENERGY!

Systemize your Business,  Grow faster…

No more overwhelm.

No more procrastination.

No more lack of clarity.

No more lack of focus.


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“As an emotional-balance consultant, my focus is on the client I’m working with. Bringing in the ‘how to run my business in a structured way’, always produced lots of questions and trial and error on my side, as I simply did not know how to do so. Alta not only helped me to establish the structure I was looking for, but also helped me to put systems and procedures in place to be more productive and profitable. She also helped me with my website and training on how I can grow my audience online. 
Through her enthusiastic and professional approach, always positive, supportive and empathic, I gained confidence and trust in how to drive my business. I recommend Alta to anyone in need of a smooth-running business. Thank you Alta!” – Celia, Body Soul Fusion

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