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Mom-Boss Experts

Improve your Health
Holly Doll

Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Holly helps women regain their health and balance their hormones.  Health is Wealth.  Our businesses can only flourish if we take care of our bodies.  Get hold of Holly at:

Brenda Square

Get your Mindset right
Brenda Jones

Expert Mindset Coach

Brenda coaches overwhelmed mompreneurs to “stop the yo-yo” and end self-sabotage by releasing the mindset blocks that hold them back and activating their inner superpowers.  Get hold of Holly at:

Lisa Square

Occupational Therapy
Lisa Westhorpe

Occupational Therapist California

Lisa helps women to physically and emotionally parent pain-free.

Get hold of Lisa at:


Sales Confidence
Ryann Dowdy

Sales Coach and Expert

Ryann helps woment to sell confidently!

Get hold of Ryann at:

Brittany Square

Streamline your Business
Brittany May

Business Coach

Brittany helps female entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses, ditch the overwhelm and have more time.  Get hold of Brittany at:


Cheeky Copy
Morgan van Eck

Copywriting Expertise

Morgan shows her clients that copy can be fun, creative and fresh – bringing out your unique voice in your brand through copy.  Get hold of Morgan at:  


Build your Business
Nicole Laino

Business & Mindset Coach

Nicole is a business and mindset coach and she is the owner of HILO, a business and contact management program for entrepreneurs.  Get hold of Nicole at:

Shyla Square

Digital Marketing
Shyla Collier

Social Media & Digital Marketing Expert

Premiere Social Media are the one-stop-shop experts that help clients to manage all their digital marketing requirements.  Get hold of Shyla at:

Moriel Square

Learn new Languages
Moriel Fishman

Language Expert

Moriel teaches clients to acquire language from natural sources, mindset and learning strategies.  Get hold of Moriel at:

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