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Are you ready to finally DITCH the Overwhelm and take control of your Business and Time and ENERGY? 

Simplify and structure your business with this 5 Day Step-by-Step Mini-Course.  Ideal for business owners who want more control over their business in as little as five days. 

This is your chance to learn how to simplify and streamline your business activities and finally implement a step-by-step proven structure in order to:

  • Have Time Freedom by working as little as 15 hours a week!
  • Steady, long-term business growth. 
  • Growing your Business profit consistently by scaling!
  • Ditch the overwhelm and finally gain the eluded business-life-integration!
  • Energy Replenishment as a Mom and Biz Owner!

It is One of a Kind because it teaches you the business foundations to set your business up right to THRIVE LONG TERM while you learn how to effectively replenish your ENERGY on a mental, physical, emotional and business level.  

You will learn: 

  • How to set up your Biz so that it runs like a system and FREE up your time and energy!  
  • How to cultivate a strong business mindset!
  • Gaining Clarity in your Biz!
  • Simplifying your Biz!
  • Organizing your Biz!
  • Systemizing & Automating Biz Processes!
  • Time Management and Productivity Strategies!
  • Energy Replenishment as a Mom and Biz Owner!

We always ask; “What ensures long-term success? What ensures a strong and long-lasting result?”  The answer?  It’s easy, ALWAYS SET A PROPER FOUNDATION FIRST!  It is much easier for everything else to fall in place if a strong foundation is set.  
In the Step-by-Step Business System Success course we focus on Time Freedom by setting your business up as a System, but also focusing on how to replenish your ENERGY reserves as a mom and business owner.  No other program exists that focus on Time Freedom and Energy Replenishment on a mental, physical, emotional and business level in combo!  This is a POWERFUL combination.  You will gain so much by investing time short-term in order to gain Freedom Financally, Time Wise and most importantly, ENERGY WISE.
The missing link of many entrepreneurs is that not many business coaches are able to teach on how Energy is truly conserved and replenished.  This is not just an analytical process of Business and Money, but also an emotional and self-worth  and deep self-care investment that will pay off for LIFE!  

in a nutshell:

The most important elements to grow your business consistently, is by focusing on your money making tasks and activities, growing your ideal audience authentically and with heart, setting your business processes in place and clarifying your product offer so that you are able to attract your ideal clients to your brand forever!  This equals consistent BUSINESS GROWTH!

The roadmap to achieve this growth is divided into 5 x daily lessons/modules that teaches you to achieve the GOALS of a simplified, structured business successfully.  Each goal is achieved with exact steps to help you accomplish it.  

The GOALS of the Step-by-Step Business System Success Process is:


Steps :  

Step 1: A Strong Business Mindset & Clarity of all Business Processes & Procedures.  This is where you step into your power and make pertinent decisions that sets the foundation of your online business’ structure.  You work on your mindset and empower yourself to have the right mentality during your business journey.  You will clarify all elements within your business so that you know exactly what every part of your business is about.  Clarity equals easier business growth.   

Step 2: Simplify and Organize all aspects of the Business.  Here you will learn to simplify and organize your tasks, environment and processes so that your business becomes uncluttered so that it can function seamlessly.  

Step 3: Systemize and Automate all aspects of the Business.  You will learn to systemize your business processes effectively with manual and automatic systems to take work and time off of your hands.  

Step 4: Good Time Management and Increased Productivity.  You learn how to better manage tasks and  processes in your business with delegation, dedication and outsourcing strategies that free up your time!  

Step 5: CEO Activities – Putting it all into Action so that you have more Time, Biz Growth and Income while replenishing your Energy!  



What will faster business growth, more time, profit, clarity and control mean to you?  It means:

  • Working on your own terms, from where you want, when you want to.
  • More time and freedom for what matters most to you – like your family and kids.
  • Fewer hours and work bring in bigger results, faster.
  • A business that grows and offers financial security.
  • A clear strategy and road map to implement it.
  • Gaining control over your days.
  • Working effectively, effortlessly.


mini course:




Day 1:

  • Clarify your expertise, product and offer. 
  • Growing an ideal audience.
  • Simple systems and processes to prioritize daily.

Day 2:

  • Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Mindset, building business confidence, dealing with discouragement, fear and frustration. 
  • Clarifying every element within your business.
Day 3:
  • Simplification strategies by eliminating what does not serve your business and simplifying the necessary elements in your business.
  • Organizational strategies – getting organized will help you to focus and prioritize effectively.
Day 4:
  • SOP’s (Standard operating procedures)
  • Evergreen Sequences (e.g. Email welcome campaign)
  • Workflows with triggers and actions (if this happens, then do that)
  • Templates/Swipe Files you can duplicate
  • Project Management Systems
  • Systems for Social Media
  • LMS (learning management systems)
  • CRM (customer relationship management) systems
  • Business management systems: 
Day 5:
  • Manage your time effectively.  
  • Delegating specific tasks to your team.
  • Dedicating time effectively to tasks and processes that cannot be outsourced or automated.
  • Outsourcing everything you cannot do and that cannot be automated.
BONUS:  How to truly replenish your Energy on a mental, physical, emotional and business level by means of strategic DEEP SELF-CARE foundations!  


Meghan Faherty

“As a brand new biz owner, I was stuck in overwhelm.  I bought courses and spent countless hours doing research but I never moved my business along.  Working with Alta reminded me that it’s okay to keep it simple as a beginner.  We started looking at the basic tasks I need to accomplish. I swear, in one day I’ve done more work to actually bring in business than I have all month!”  -Meg F.

Celia van Wyk

“As an emotional-balance consultant, my focus is on the client I’m working with. Bringing in the ‘how to run my business in a structured way’, always produced lots of questions and trial and error on my side, as I simply did not know how to do so. Alta not only helped me to establish the structure I was looking for, but also helped me to put systems and procedures in place to be more productive and profitable. She also helped me with my website and training on how I can grow my audience online. 

Through her enthusiastic and professional approach, always positive, supportive and empathic, I gained confidence and trust in how to drive my business. I recommend Alta to anyone in need of a smooth-running business. Thank you Alta!” – Celia, Body Soul Fusion

Deb Kos

“Alta is a good business strategy coach and knows how to successfully set up a business.  I felt so much better that I had a very good strategy in place for my business.  I highly recommend Alta Christie for her expertise in Business Strategy Planning.”  – Deborah Kos, Professional Blogger/Author @ Deb’s Decorative Life

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