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Hi, I am Alta Christie – I am a Mom and Entrepreneur and my biggest passion are my three young children.  Everything I stand for is for the good of my kids, but also for all children.  I believe that moms should be able to be THERE for their kids on their own terms.  That moms should be able to generate a sustainable business that provides them with the income, freedom and flexibility they require to build the life that they desire.  

My background is building successful businesses from home and I help other moms who feel stuck, to get empowered by structuring their businesses properly so that they can effectively grow their businesses.  

With 15 years of business experience, research and growing multiple successful business models and being a mom for the past six years, I was able to construct powerful strategies to structure an online business.

I love to empower moms to get into their OWN business so that they can have the dream lifestyle they yearn for – with their kids and to be there for their kids.  If your burning passion and deepest desire is to be home for your kids and run a successful business on your own terms, what would it mean to you if you had someone show you the way?  That is what I am here for… and I am here to tell you that it is an art, It’s a crazy beautiful dance – and its possible!

My Story...

When I finished my business studies, me and my husband – fresh out of university, decided to go overseas and work and travel in the UK for a year.  This would be my first corporate job.  I learnt a lot, but in my gut, I knew that there had to be more to life than spending all my days behind a desk, or running around like a crazy person and operate on a boss’s demands.  This was not for me – AT ALL.  I was working extremely long hours.  In hindsight I realise that subconsciously I wondered how this type of existence was normal.  Unlike what we have been taught in school, that we will all be working for big corporations and we had to steadily climb our way to the top – that THAT was what we should aim for in life, I strongly felt that there had to be another way.  This was before any digital business world existed, except for the internet.  The whole time we were there I was thinking of ways to start my own business so that I could run my own life.  I came up with the weirdest ideas, that was impractical under circumstances, but I was trying.  Looking back, how right my intuition was.

I told my husband daily that we needed to start our own business when we returned from the UK.  We saved up some money and we could sustain ourselves for at least a few months to a year.  We did not know HOW we were going to do it, nor what business to start, but the fact that my business management degree was specialised in the travel industry, we decided that we wanted to try something exciting.  

We decided to become a tour operator.  The tour operator business never took off, but we DID persevere with marketing and building a business that developed into something amazing.  Before we knew it, we were transformed into a travel agency that specialised in selling Indian Ocean Island travel packages.  It did not happen by us planning it in advance, we just started and did what each day required of us to get things done!  

My husband went back into the engineering field for a while and I ran the business solo.  But he soon returned and we had to employ an extra consultant so that we could grow the business further. 
After 5 years of blood, sweat, late nights and literally tears, my husband decided that he really wanted to return to the engineering field full time, which is his qualification field.  We felt that we achieved our goals with the business and we were able to sell the travel agency for a good profit. Within these 5 years I learned everything from practically starting up a new business, drafting and following a real business plan, online marketing, SEO, running a service-based business to clients, website development, creative software, editing software and we touched a bit on the social side of blogging (no social media existed).  The only social media platform I recall that was used by businesses extensively back then was twitter.  
Once the business was sold, I decided to return to the corporate world for a while.  I liked my new job, but I again found myself feeling unfulfilled at a deeper level.  I guess I just always knew that I would get back into my own business so that I could control my own time and life. 

I wanted to do more, I wanted to really have a significant impact.  When my son was born I become very interested in natural vitamin C for our family health.  This brought about my second business where I imported natural vitamin C and sold it to retailers in the local natural health market.  Although I was struggeling to find a good balance between my work and family life, I gained control over the business quite fast and this made it possible to start my third business when I saw the opportunity to impact moms within their business ventures. 

BizmomCoaching was born.  As I emerged myself into my online business world of women, but specifically moms, I came to realise that there was common challenges and that there are so many moms who build businesses, but fall short with structuring their businesses properly.  


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