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*My time is valuable, and as I respect your time too, please only book an interview if your are commited to showing up.

Book convenient 30min slot on Calendly to be interviewed by myself, Alta Christie, CEO of BizmomCoaching:

  • We talk about and promote YOUR Business.
  • Tell the viewers about your life as a mom in business.
  • How you make your business and family life work.
  • You will have an opportunity to give some business value and invite viewers into your business world.
  • All your business contact details will be shared.


Load your Business Services


Additional Exposure!!  If you want to you are welcome to load your business services onto our Microjobs-for-Moms business platform – Bizmom Central – so that other women can find and book your services!   Go to:, join and upload your services FREE of charge BEFORE our interview date, so that we can drive our listeners to your services on the platform after the interview. 


Searchable Hostings


If you have any FREE trainings or business value that you would like us to host in a searchable, categorized fashion on our Bizmomcoaching platform to drive traffic to your business via SEO optimization and referrals to our site, to enhance your chances of being found and booked, you are welcome to submit it to and use the email address:  We will upload it in relevant categories so that moms can easily find your services while they get to know more about the value you provide.

We Promote Your Business

  1. The interview will be uploaded onto our Youtube page.  We will optimize the content’s SEO to be searchable in Youtube.  It will be transcribed and
  2. The transcriptions will also be loaded onto our Blog pages.  We will optimize the content’s SEO to be searchable in Google.
  3. The interview to be loaded as a podcast and promoted.
  4. We will provide you with the video, podcast and blog information/transcriptions to use as your own content and repurpose!!

Advantages to your Business

  • You have a LOW input – a 30 min interview, upload your services to our business portal, provide a FREE training (optional).
  • We drive traffic with FACEBOOK ADS to our online mom-to-mom micro job business portal and website
  • You can reach a larger audience We drive traffic via SEO searchability.  Google and Youtube are the two largest search engines in the world and we know how to optimize content for excellent SEO responses.
  • Your product/service will be categorized on our platforms for easy searchability.
  • You list your product/service on Bizmom Central FREE of charge.  Bizmom Central gets a 20% commission if a client books your services on the platform. 
  • Bizmom Central is a NICHE job platform (for mom-entrepreneurs only) to reach your ideal clients easier.
  • Build trust around your business with a well set-up review system. 

Interviewee Disclaimer

I hereby acknowledge that BizmomCoaching will use the content from the initial interview to be displayed and repurposed across various social media and search engine platforms.  All content will be referenced back to my business and I will also receive the original video and transcription material for my own marketing purposes.

I hereby consent for the interview material to be featured on any of Bizmom’s social media and marketing platforms, with the knowledge that it is used to drive traffic back to my business and thereby be a mutually beneficial arrangement.   

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Implement Structure, Grow your Business, Have more Time!

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