Mom at Home

Moms’ presence are worth SO much more to their kids than what many people realise… .
I remember when I was a young child, the only thing that was important to me was having my mom nearby. I always felt safe when my mom was involved more than not in my day, or if she was close by. .
Unfortunately, my mom was working outside of the home and I had to go to a preschool which I remember vividly how I dreaded being dropped off and being there. I always day-dreamed about my mom being a teacher at my schools so that she could be close to me. I have an amazing mom and she was always there for me when her schedule allowed, but I longed for more of her.
Not all children and schools are the same and some kids absolutely love going to their schools and socialising with friends, but I can guarantee that ALL young children would prefer more time with their moms closeby more often than not. Also moms usually instinctively want to be available to their kids on flexible terms and according to what works best for them, but so many moms feel stuck in their jobs and they don’t have a choice and where their time is not theirs. That being said, there is no right or wrong way. .
It is all about what works for your family – but the point I am driving is that there is such a great advantage in having more time to be available for or being close to your children. .
How do you feel about more flexible schedules to benefit your kids and your family life? Do you feel stuck with your job outside the home? Would love to hear…
So much love lovely moms, Alta

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