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When I finished my business management studies, me and my now-husband decided to go overseas and work and travel in the UK for a year.  This would be my first corporate job.  I learnt a lot, but in my gut, I knew that there had to be more to life than spending all my days behind a desk, or running around like a crazy person lodging visa applications all over the London embassy’s while operating on a boss’s and clients’ every demand.  This was not for me – AT ALL.  I was working extremely long hours.  In hindsight I realise that subconsciously I wondered how this type of existence was normal.  

Unlike what we have been taught in school, that we will all be working for big corporations and we had to steadily climb our way to the top – that THAT was what we should aim for in life, I strongly felt that there had to be another way.  This was before any digital business world existed, except for the internet.  The whole time we were there I was thinking of ways to start my own business so that I could do life on my terms.  I came up with many business ideas, some were impractical under circumstances, but I was trying to free myself from an the grip of working a day job.  Looking back, how right my intuition was.

I told my husband daily that we needed to start our own business as soon as we returned from the UK.  We saved up some money and we could sustain ourselves for at least a few months to a year.  We did not know HOW we were going to do it, nor what business to start, but the fact that my business management degree was specialised in the travel industry, we decided that we wanted to try something exciting.  

We decided to pursue the travel industry.  I was only 22, but we built a a business that developed into something amazing…

Our business was transformed into a highly specialised travel agency with the speciality of high profile Indian Ocean Island travel packages.


We  travelled all over paradise while we grew our business!  We soon had to employ some extra hands to cope with the work-load.   In the meanwhile, we also started another business – solar system products.  This was a product based online business that we sold to customers directly.  Lots of hard hands-on work and long hours assembling products and late nights.  What a learning curve!!

 After 5 years of blood, sweat, late nights and literally tears at times, my husband decided that he really wanted to return to the engineering field full time, which is his passion, field of study and background.  

We felt that we achieved our goals with the business and we were ready to take a break from the business responsibilities before we started a family.  We sold it for a good profit at the age of 27.  Within these 5 years I used my studies and limited practical work experience and learned everything from starting up a new online product and service based business from scratch, drafting and following a practical business plan, stock control, product development, business structures, business models, online marketing, SEO, running a product and service-based onilne business, website development, creative software, editing software and we touched a bit on the social side of blogging (no social media existed) – amongst so many other skills.  

Once the business was sold, I decided to return to the corporate world for a while, try my luck once more…  I really liked my new job as club operations within the timeshare sector, because it was highly analytical, focussed and systemized.  I love to control my work environment, hence my passion for structure!

 Unfortunately I again found myself feeling unfulfilled at a deeper level. I wanted to do more, I wanted to really have a significant impact.


I left my job when I fell pregnant with my eldest.  I wanted to be with my kids!  And I wanted to build a business again!!  YES!  When my son was born I became very interested in natural vitamin C for our family health.  This brought about my third business where I imported premium quality natural vitamin C and sold it to high-end specialized health retailers in the local natural health market.  Although I was struggeling with business-family balance initially, as so many of us mom-bosses do when our children enter our lives.  I worked really hard to make time for the business and not neglect my kids.  THEY ARE ALWAYS THE FIRST PRIORITY!! I had to learn how to structure my business, plan my time effectively and become even more disciplined in order to gain control over the business.  I succeeded quite quickly and it was turned into a semi-passive income business with little input on a continuous basis.  I was able to focus on my kids, join playgroups, and homeschool them.  

Everywhere I went with them moms would ask me about being home with the kids, running my business effectively and everyone seemed to had the same yearning – more time for kids and a dream of growing their own business. 

Listening to these Moms, my heart resonated with them! Bizmom Coaching was born.


As I emerged myself into the online business world of moms, I came to realise that there was many common challenges that I have experienced while building my Vitamin C business as a new mom.  

I knew I could help other moms!  But little did I know that I too would have to go through the journey of overwhelm, procrastination, overworking, burn-out, lack of clarity and control and some level of imposter syndrome in the new business industry before finding my footing properly.  I was trying so hard to learn everything about the coaching world and passive income streams by myself.  This did NOT work and I eventually had to submit defeat and enroll in business coaching courses in order to help me overcome those hurdles.  Once again I pulled myself together to proceed empowered!

There are so many moms who build businesses, try their best, give it their all, but fall short with structuring their businesses properly.  They suffer from burn-out because of being over-worked, overwhelmed, procrastination and frustration becomes the name of the game.  This has to change.  This is where my passion was born.  Breaking free from those chains and to breathe again!  Building and growing a business moms can feel passionate about and have full control over.  Having more TIME and effectively integrating their business into their family life. 

I never looked back.   I never want to work a job again and I would never want to miss out on so many special moments with my kids.

This is Bizmom Coaching’s legacy, This is my purpose. This is my mission!  Helping Moms win.

Financially and at family level!  Giving you back your power, control and freedom.  But most of all, giving you the gift of TIME…  Isn’t that what us moms yearn for?  

I cannot wait to connect with you…

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